Monday, October 15, 2012

Confusing Choosing

Well, we are heading quickly into that time of the year when we need to choose our supplemental insurance to Medicare in order to get the coverage we need as we age.  Such a confusing chore!  I suppose it's not as bad as endeavoring to figure out Obama-care, because it's not thousands of pages to march through, but there are so many items to compare!  One covers your teeth, and another doesn't. One offers some medications free, but refuses to help pay for others - 'cuz you're too old!!  What?  If your doctor has ordered the med, who is an insurance company to declare that you can't have it due to age?  Isn't your doctor more adept at knowing that than a secretary at an insurance company?

So as I write, Ron is calling several different companies in an attempt to figure it out and make a decision. Needing to "pinch pennies" and make a decision by a certain date, hearing recordings instead of talking to a live body, and doing all of the comparisons is a daunting task.  When there's two of you - and thank God there still are two Rockeys - the monthly premium doubles of course, so we do what we can to pare down the budget and make staying well a priority at the same time. And of course, things change each year as even insurance companies struggle with budgets!

We are grateful that there's one constant - and only one!  There's the never-changing love of God for everyone, and a safe haven to run to in times of distress.  We are very aware that He is always in charge of us, even though the insurance companies and the government think that they are! And He will guide as we work through the comparisons of the 3 insurances available to us "old folk" here in New Mexico!

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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Coincidence? NOT!

Interesting how often we tend to recognize what we assume is a coincidence, and title it so.  In reality so many of those events are really God-ordained and not happenstances at all!

Due to selling a piece of equipment on line, we met on Sunday morning at a church with the pastor and congregation, who were interested in this equipment.  We sat through their service where a guest speaker/evangelist spoke - a beautiful sermon on the book of Revelation.  At the end of her presentation, she had a call for members who wanted/needed special prayer.  Many came forward.

When she had finished the prayers, she came to us and asked if she could pray for us.  We agreed.  With her hands on our shoulders, she prayed as if she knew us and knew the history of our work, of struggles and challenges we have had  with opposition and that she knew that God was not finished with us yet. "Bless this sweet couple," she prayed, "with strength to continue until their work is done."

We were flabbergasted!  Then the Pastor called us forward and asked us to explain just how we were going to bless his congregation.  As we told our story and our mission, tears flowed and many were anxious to begin the process of recovery from the results of wounds received at the hand of God's enemy.  "We'll be renting you two a room at the nearby hotel for 52 week-ends in a row," the Pastor said, "so that we can glean from you all we need to be the best ambassadors we can be for the cause of Christ."  Of course, we all chuckled.

Coincidence?  NOT! God will even use an advertisement to sell a piece of equipment in order to get His words of healing to his children - or He'll make the rocks cry out!!!

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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Suggestions for Marital Success

So may long for more joy and happiness in their marriage, yet have tried nothing or only tried the roses and chocolates "game."  That's a nice temporary fix for the recipient, but often the question asked by the receiver of such pleasant gifts, is: "OK, what do you want?"  This implies that the chocolates and roses are simply bribes to get more of what the giver wants.

Let's look at some pointers from our book "Heart Connection," and please do note that these are from the last chapter of the book.  The real "meat" for understanding is found in the previous nine chapters. We will do one a day until we cover the pointers, and will refer you to the book in its entirety.

1.  Start this very minute. Wherever you are, whatever your partner is or what he/she is doing, STOP! Now go to God, and ask Him to assist you to open your heart to your mate.  Only speak the truth to your mate as God gives it to you. You do not give or receive the kind of love you truly desire by generating it within yourself. That unconditional love comes from God and He longs to give it to you to be passed on to your mate as you experience it from God. It is true that God wants you to love yourself, because it is with that same love He gives you for yourself, that you will love your mate, your parents, your children and others. Any time that love has the face of selfishness on it (I'm giving in order to get) it is not God's perfect love.  Even the words "I love you" are often used as a priming of the pump, so to speak, so that you will hear it from another to you.  This is selfish, human love, which gives in order to get.

Consider this prayer:  "Lord, I come to you as an imperfect human being with a desire to be loved and accepted.  First of all Lord, please show me what it is that blocks me from loving myself and others as I ought to.  Give me strength to let go of those things that imprison me into a ball of selfish needs, unable to receive from you and to give out your love to others.  I long to be filled with your unconditional love, Lord, and to give your love out to my mate. Give me the courage to receive and to impart your love to my husband/wife, I pray, and thank you for already doing so.  Amen."

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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Hi Friends; Back home last evening from a long week-end in Phoenix. We attended a banquet/info session for the MJ Fox Research group which is at Boswell/Bannner Research Institute in Sun City, AZ. They are a wonderful group of folk who monitor Parkinson's Progression of their clients. Spent time with Ken and Donna - precious friends, and got to see Kath and Alex too. It was good to have a change/rest. Now we are back to home, Missy and work to be accomplished. Gratitude to Donna and Kenny for a warm and loving place to spend the week-end! We have a group for Women going through The Journey on September 6th. Looking forward to continued learning and growing with a precious group of ladies! We are busy working on video updating, and preparation. Newsletter to go out soon - like tomorrow. Little changes in routine and location are like mini-vacations - good for the soul. It's always great to get home again after a trip, and back into familiar routine. We discover however as we age, that it's too easy to be in routine, and not want to leave it - and that bogs us down. So we have decided to take "little vacations" whenever we can - even if they are a few hours long and only go as far as the next town. They change our view and outlook. Now I must unpack from our last little "vacation." Back to Home Page

Thursday, August 16, 2012

"MY" Stuff

Posted 8/12/12

Amazing how possessive we are about our stuff. For us, we have been and are still going through stuff in an endeavor to simplify. Ron's tools (his and my father's) are being sorted. I'm plowing through china and glassware and boxes of pictures. Some stay, some go. There are some things I question, like the banana curls from age 6 that my mother just HAD to keep, and they are still in the cedar chest. What would our girls want with them? There are some priceless things handed down from 5 generations, and those will be passed on to our children, grandchildren and great-grands. We hide them from view, protected under lock and key.

We watched the need to have and protect demonstrated today. We gave Missy, our mini-schnauzer, a "Greenie." Those chewies are priceless treasures to her, and she wanted to hide, to protect it. For ten minutes she went from place to place in the Family Room, looking for a safe spot, and finally decided on a crease in a burgundy, leather chair. Then she climbed on the hassock near the chair, and laid down to guard it. Later in the day, she recovered and enjoyed her prize.

In reality there are two things we need to save, hide and protect for future use. First are the promises of God which should be memorized and hidden in our memory bank for future use -they will bring reassurance of constant love especially in times of need. The other is the plethora of precious memories of life experiences with our family and friends. These should be hidden in our hearts, because they will bring us joy and comfort for a lifetime.

Simply memorize and hold on tightly to God's promises which are "leaves from the Tree of Life for the healing of the nations," and hold tight and speak often of memories that will connect you to loved ones, creating a feeling of belonging. These are worth the effort to save and protect.

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Posted 8/8/12

Sometimes you just long for a change, don't you? A vacation, a Sunday afternoon ride, a meal out at a restaurant or something just out of your daily routine. Us women like to have a new blouse or dress once in a while and they guys think about a new tool or "techy" item.

Sometimes routine is comforting, safe, familiar, so it requires less planning, thinking and effort. .And no matter how you slice it, change is inevitable. Our phone bill for example, with no change in service, jumped from 50-something a month to ninety-something a month. Who allowed that? Changes at the grocery store seem phenomenal! Products that used to line the shelves are missing, and every time you shop, prices are higher by a few cents or dollars!

Health changes - just ask us! The more years we put on, the less agile and physically fit we become. The duller the vision and the senses. So then the routine has to change in order to make those muscles and the brain cooperate. And the older one gets, the harder it is to accommodate change.

Relationships change. What once was great, loving and fulfilling can easily become boring and humdrum.

One constant remains - the availability of relief from any of the above changes. That constant is the ever-present, ever-loving, always committed heavenly Father! While everything may fail you, the assurance of His love is always present.

"I will never fail you. I will never forsake you. That is why we can say with confidence, 'The Lord is my helper, so I will not be afraid. What can mere mortals do to me?" Hebrews 13: 5&6 NLT

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Attitude of Gratitude

Posted 8/2/12

Everyone experiences hills and valleys along the Journey of life. Reminds me of a poem my Grandma had decorating her wall: "God has not promised skies always blue, flower strewn pathways all our lives through."

AND, the Good Book, especially the Psalms, counsels us to be grateful for the trials AND the treasures we experience. Experiencing the trials are part of the joy felt when they are relieved. The pain now is part of the joy then.

Where is this coming from? It's coming from the relief I feel now that my miserable cough is done with! Somehow I KNEW it was an allergic thing, but it would progress over and over again to bronchitis, requiring antibiotics to cure. This last bout has been treated with an injection for allergies, which produced relief in 2 hours. Now I can sleep nights, and don't hack continually. It is true! The joy NOW is a part of the PAIN then!

Yes, it's a play on words, but all I know is that I am extremely grateful to a Dr. who listens to her patients and is willing to try their suggestions. Thank you Dr. Martinez, and thank you God!

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Posted 7/10/12

It's been a summer of survival so far for us! First came the horrendous Ruidoso fires. We were evacuated but no fire came into our sub-division. Such a blessing!

Then we had the New England trip to speak at both Southern and Northern New England Camp Meetings. For a while, the trip was feared, but Parkinson's seems to create fears. Day two there, Ron said he was thrilled that he'd taken the chance to go. We had a wonderful time meeting old friends and making new ones! The speaking was not too taxing, and actually a blessing to us. Being "home" was a joy. One friend came (granddaughter brought him) who is 90 - just to see Ron again. What a thrill! Several friends came and stayed from Connecticut just so they could be with us - again, what a joy and blessing. And we even survived the return trip "home" to New Mexico! YEA!

And now, since the Ruidoso fires, there's a threat of flooding. This is monsoon season and it has come in like a LION! Haven't seen so many clouds and so much rain for years here. The town is preparing for the worst, but we are counting on the best. The grass has greened up and looks beautiful, albeit quite tall! Can't cut as yet, 'cuz it's WET!

So we still survive. Amazing how powerful the human brain is. Even though the brain is so powerful, we count on the physical heart, designed for love, and open the door widely for God to dwell therein. Now there's the secret to peace!!

Wonder what we're talking about? Go to and find out!

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Time Flies

Posted 5/27/12

It’s been a while since I’ve written a blog – much going on in our lives, I guess. Our granddaughter celebrated her High School Graduation with cheering family and friends in attendance. Our daughter and her husband flew the friendly skies from Florida to join in the celebration. We spent the next week doing a Kardia Kare Sunday night through Friday, and today we are resting a bit before Granddaughter number two celebrates becoming a teenager. Many “doings” in a short period of time, and we’ve so enjoyed having family closely around us. This is our last day with our Florida daughter and her husband, as they fly home tomorrow.

Days filled with activities seems to race by quickly before we know what’s happening, and the older we get, even months and years fly by! We look in the mirror one day to see a face we can still recognize, but one that displays age spots and wrinkles. As the old saying goes, our hair has turned to silver. But inside, in our minds that are as old as we are, we still think young. We still want to do what we did when we were in our twenties, and when we try to, our muscles scream and bones seem to cry out in protest. We want to just sit and do nothing, yet know that if we do, we’ll have a harder time getting up. And anyway, if all we did was to “veg,” what enjoyment or fulfillment would there be.

So now, for the next few days, we will rest a bit, publish the newsletter, and prepare for a trip to Phoenix to do a question and answer period and visit the Parkinson’s Research Center and see our special friends for an hour or two, and then fly home, so spend a bit of reminiscing time with some friends who are “passing through” the area. Then it’s final prep time for New England Camp meetings, and after, the lazy days of summer in our beautiful mountains.

We make the most of each day, knowing the memories we make become more precious and time continues to race by. Hope you’re doing the same!

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Posted 1/26/12

More . . .

Why is it, as humans, we seem to learn things the hard way? Or maybe it's just me.

I have learned a difficult lesson in the last couple of weeks, and my health took a dive because of it. Fortunately, I'm on my way back now.

What I learned was this - don't keep doing the same thing over and over again hoping for different or better results. I used to believe the addage that "if at first you don't succeed, try, try again," and now I am not so sure about that old saying (the way I had previously lived my life). More and more I am coming to learn that there are some things in life not worth frustrating, fretting or even fighting over. When you get the message that you're just banging your head against the wall, quit banging or eventually you'll have brain damage and die!

So "Be still and Know" is very sound advice. I chose that better part this week, partly out of more frustration and partly out of what I considered defeat and others not wanting to hear what I had to say. My blood pressure will come to within normal limits because of it and while I may not see the results that were originally planned, at least I can shrug my shoulders and not feel responsible. I can remain in the arms of God, resting and being content.

So can you . . .

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Be Still & Know

Posted 1/17/12

Frustrations . . .

Just can't get to sleep . . . ?
Having computer hassels . . .?
Can't seem to loose weight . . . ? and on an on goes the list of things that frustrate me the most.

How very easy it is to get caught up in the merry-go-round of negative self talk that usually accompanies the things that frustrate us. "How dumb can you be? Oh common, smarten up!, etc. etc."

Does all that nonsensical lingo help any? Not at all! The more the chatter persists, the greater the angst - right?

So take a couple of deep breaths, sit back in your chair, say a prayer for guidance, clear your mind of the negativity and start thanking God for the answer and/or the "how to", and soon you'll find yourself doing the very thing that your inability before had caused the frustration.

"Be still and know that I am God." The counsel DOES work. I know, because I spent that last hour trying to get into our own blog (changes, always computer changes) and finally The being still and knowing got me here!

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Missing Blogs

Somehow we managed to get two blogs going so you folks have missed some. We are now attempting to add in the ones you've missed. Unfortunately they won't show on the dates they were posted, however, we will attach the date it was first posted in the blog body itself.
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Saturday, April 21, 2012


Ever feel overwhelmed? Got too much to do and no time to do it? Want to accomplish so much and make your surroundings look perfect? That's me, but I'm learning.

You know, people who love you don't really care if your house, your yard and your person looks perfect. In reality, they would rather have you be there for them than to make everything look perfect.

Wish I had come to that much earlier in my life. I probably would have more energy now than I do. My children wouldn't have had to deal with such a perfectionist for a mother, one who had to keep up appearances and have the children look and be perfect.

So yes, it's spring, and I'd love to do a bunch of Spring Cleaning, but with this degenerating back, I am going to have to pick and choose. Actually, simplifying would be a great task to accomplish, and I have already begun. Two chairs leaving tomorrow, and a bunch of clutter being collected for a church yard sale - YEA! Tools will be sifted through soon and son-in-laws get first dibs, then Eric and then the church's yard sale.

Simplifying makes life so much easier, and one's disposition so much sweeter. And it's so much easier to relax when you aren't looking at so many things. So.o.o. have fun this spring, and then chill!

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Monday, April 16, 2012


Hi Friends!

My life began with one arm tied behind my back, so to speak. It was World War II and my father was in the Army, and missing from home. My first few years were without him, with Mother parenting alone. Just before Dad was sent to Europe, Mom conceived my brother who was born and died before my Dad came back home and the war was over. Sad and difficult years

Life took a rather dramatic turn then, and the rest of my "at home years" were difficult. After college graduation, I met the man of my dreams, but our marriage turned into a nightmare for the first 12 years. Finally we determined to "pull out all the stops" to make marriage work, and did so.

As I look back, I am grateful for all of the experiences we've either endured or enjoyed. They have made us who we are and given us courage and faith for the future. Currently we are in the famous Golden Years, and finding body parts we didn't know we had - aches and pains have alerted us. And guess what? We are happier than we've ever been. We laugh at the aches and pains and the restricted abilities that have become a part of our lives.

Rather than sit and suffer, we choose to move along, keep working at our ministry and even dreaming of other projects to enhance ministry. No rocking chairs here!

Thank you God for nearly 47 years together and in love, and a purpose for our lives!
How has your history shaped you?

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